Donating to the Companion Animal Clinic Foundation is a safe, smart, and secure way to save thousands of unwanted companion animals from costly shelters and euthanasia. Our foundation supports lowering the cost of spay neuter services and works with groups to make a real difference. For every $1 invested, $2.59 cents in taxpayer savings has been measured across North Carolina counties. 

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Support Opportunities

Support Our Capital Campaign

The Spay Neuter Veterinary Clinic Building has been purchased. We need your support more than ever to continue subsidizing surgeries and now pay off the mortgage.

The quicker we eliminate the building debt, the more funding can be used to expand operations. Please consider supporting our capital campaign today and help us pay off the mortgage.


Become A Sustaining Donor

Sustaining donors are individuals who contribute as little as $5 a month. Sustaining donors can increase, decrease, or cancel their contribution at any time. Sustaining donations are 100% tax deductible.

By becoming a sustaining donor, it enables us to predict donations and support spay neuter efforts more efficiently. 100% of proceeds go toward Spay/Neuter operations.

Sustain Today

Subsidize a Procedure

The true costs of a spay or neuter procedure illustrate why subsidizing is necessary. This turns what is normally an unaffordable procedure into something affordable by all income levels.

Learn what our true costs of a spay or neuter procedure are and bridge the gap. Pick a level and subsidize a procedure today. Your donation keeps spay/neuter affordable.